Missouri Defence Bonds CR15 Obsolete Currency 4.50



An Obsolete Four and a Half Dollars Defence  Bond from the state of Missouri that as issued by the CSA Secessionist Government while in exile. This Confederate Money is also of interest to collectors of odd denomination notes as not many 4.50 notes were ever produced in the field of obsolete or confederate money. The left vignette shows 3 women portraying Commerce, Prosperity and Navigation, at the bottom right is the state seal of Missouri. It is believed that the Secessionist Government never had the time to get any of these bills issued. Keatinge and BAll of South Carolina were the printers of this note. The designation is Criswell #15 and today it is estimated that only around 100 to 400 of these bills still exist, making them the rarest of the Secessionist Bonds produced by the Southern Missouri Government. It is believed the secessionist government of Missouri issued around 10 million dollars worth of currency during the entire period of the Civil War. These example were printed on watermarked paper. We have more than one 4.50 dollar bills available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included a picture of each one that we currently have in stock.

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