Mississippi Obsolete Currency CR-28 One Dollar Treasury Note



A State of Mississippi Cotton Pledge Obsolete $1.00 Note Dated Nov. 1, 1862, this Confederate Money will grade Very Fine with some minor edge splits. Great dark salmon color is observed on this Cotton Pledged civil war note with areas of bold embossing. Mississippi cotton pledged notes with this dark of a color are fairly hard to find, the dark salmon and blue overprints make for a very striking appearance. There are two vignettes of people at work on the edges of this obsolete note with a train etching is in the center of the antique bill. This civil war note states that The State of Mississippi will pay to bearer the sum of One Dollar out of proceeds of Cotton Pledged for Redemption of this note, at the Treasurer's Office in Jackson, Mississippi. The picture shows the actual Mississippi Confederate Money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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