Mississippi Obsolete Currency CR-30 Ten Dollar Treasury Note 1862


SKU: Mississippi Treasury Note #20206

An Obsolete 10.00 Mississippi Treasury Bill that was backed by the Faith of the State issued during the Civil War on July 01, 1862 , this Confederate Money has a train in the center vignette, a portrayal of Industry is at the left while on the right is a farmer with a shock of grain. The condition of this obsolete CSA currency is Fine - Very Fine, a very nice looking example of Mississippi confederate money for the lower grade, the green tint of the note is still dark and vivid, good centering and still some crispness left in the paper. Criswell designated this MS treasury note as MS-30, which means this is the Faith of the State issue with the July 1, 1862 date and the color of the note is green with the red overprint. Mississippi had nothing left which to back this note, so this was a promise to have Faith in the State and the loan would be paid back at a later date, but of course, this never happened. The picture shows the actual Ten Dollar MS treasury note that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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