Michigan Obsolete Money Bank of Tecumseh Five Dollars Very Fine



Michigan Obsolete Currency from the Bank of Tecumseh in the amount of five dollars dated 1859 and grading very fine. A nice green tint note that was produced by the American Bank Note Company, there is a little bit more margin to this note than is showing, somehow some of the margins got cut off. The Bank of Tecumseh originally closed in 1839, the opening date is unknown at this time, the bank reopened in 1855 and failed again in 1860, not to open again. The front has two vignettes, the large one shows two men plowing with a single horse in a rough looking patch of ground, in the lower right corner is a flock of chickens showing the rooster, hens and baby chicks. The terms of the note are "State of Michigan, Lenawer County. The President, Directors and Company of The Bank of Tecumseh will pay five dollars to bearer on demand. August 22, 1859. The back is plain and commensurate with condition. The red and green tint obsolete notes are becoming very collectible and not many are around to buy. The picture shows the actual obsolete Michigan Currency that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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