Melters 6 Pack from The Old Candle Barn

Old Candle Barn

SKU: OCB Melters Apples & Spice

A 6 pack of melters from The Old Candle Barn at Intercourse in Lancaster County PA, the heart of Amish country and sold by Brandywine General Store. Our melts or tarts come in the same scents as the jar candles and are for people who don't want to burn a candle. You can melt these without a burning wick in a candle warmer. Our pictures show the tops of the melters package where the wax is solid, but they actually do come in 6 individual cubes which can be broken apart so you can choose how many you want to melt in your candle warmer. You can pick which scent you wish to purchase in the drop down box above.

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