Maryland Obsolete Money Somerset & Worcester Bank 5.00 Uncirculated



A five dollar obsolete bill issued by the Somerset and Worcester Bank from Salisbury Maryland during the Civil War period on November 1, 1862 in uncirculated condition. This beautiful note was made by the American Bank Note company of New York and is full of vignettes. At the left are 2 maidens in what looks like a wheat field, with one holding a shock of wheat and the other a sickle, in the center is another farm scene with cattle and the farmhouse in the background. At the right is a cooper working on a barrel, with all his tools on the floor in front of the barrel. The back is full of green design with a large medallion in the center containing a 5. The serial number is 1392 which is written neatly in red ink, with a plate letter of A. The picture shows the actual Maryland obsolete money that is for sale, in addition the back of this Union Civil War currency can be viewed in the photograph gallery.

Serial #1392 A

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