Lumpy 10 inch Loaf Candles by The Old Candle Barn

Old Candle Barn

SKU: OCB 10 inch loaf Banana Nut

A Lumpy 10 inch loaf candle made by The Old Candle Barn in Lancaster County and sold by Brandywine General Store. An unusual but great looking candle with bumps all over the surface. This is a very large candle being 10 inches long, 3 1/2" wide and almost 3 1/2" tall and weighs almost 4 pounds. The textured surface is coated with scented whipping wax with two cotton wicks in the top. A great and useful decorating item for in your home, place several different sizes together in a bare spot to make a bold statement. You can pick your scent from the drop down box above.

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