Louisiana Obsolete Money Baby Bonds Five Dollar with Coupons


SKU: 12547

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. $5 United States of America Bond. Various Bonds in Almost Uncirculated Condition with various numbers of coupons attached and some punch cancelled. This obsolete bond has an image of an infant with the writing "Issued for Certificate No 748 Series 187. United States of America Bond of the State of Louisiana. Five Dollars payable to bearer January 1st 1866 or sooner at the treasury of the State at the Office of the Treasurer of the State with Interest as part of Coupons Annexed.This obsolete southern bond that was issued during the turbulent reconstruction era has a fancy green back with Louisiana in capitol letters and other writings. We have more than one LA Baby Bond available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included a picture of each one that we currently have in stock.

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