Log Cabin Primitive Candles, Tarts and Room Spray by Black Crow

Black Crow Candle Company

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A variety of scented primitive candles with the Log Cabin scent made by Black Crow Candle company and sold by Brandywine General Store. The Log Cabin aroma will smell like pine trees in the forest with spices mixed in for a pleasant country smell.

Available in half pint, pint, quart scented jars and tarts. This primitive design candle has netting around the jar with a simple brown tag with the scent name printed and small burlap twine wrapped around the jar. Truly a primitive look for your interior decorating purposes. Black Crow candles are long lasting, slow burning with a strong scent clear to the bottom. Each candle is hand rolled, coated and labeled resulting in a very primitive and distinctive look. You will like the look our primitive candles will bring into your home or office as well as the scents which will fill your rooms with unbelievable fragrances.

Burn Times of the Black Crow Candle Jars

8 oz jar - 40 to 50 hours

16 oz jar - 80 to 100 hours

32 oz jar - 150 to 200 hours

64 oz jar - 300 to 400 hours

The tarts are generously sized, weighing over 1 ounce and should give you a scent throw time of around 20 - 25 hours.

The room sprays come in 2 ounce amber bottles and are great for refreshing a room or automobile. Give a shake and spray over linens or carpets or just spritz a couple squirts in the air.

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