Lexington Kentucky Insurance Company obsolete 2.00 banknote 1814

Brandywine General Store

SKU: KY obsolete #53

An obsolete two dollar banknote from the Kentucky Insurance Company issued from Lexington  on September 16, 1814 for sale by Brandywine General Store. This obsolete currency was professionally certified by PMG at very good 8 with the notation of pin holes on the back of the holder. The Kentucky Insurance Company was chartered in 1802 and was the first banking institution west of the Allegheny mountains. They had a monopoly in banking in the frontier state of Kentucky for 5 years until the Bank of Kentucky was chartered in 1807. The company was located on Main Street between Mill and Broadway. The Kentucky obsolete reference book has these notes listed at R-5 on the rarity scale which means it is thought between 11 to 25 still exist today. The pictures show the actual front and back of the early obsolete Kentucky Insurance currency that is for sale.

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