Key West Shops Art Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Art Print of a Row of Colorful Key West Shops. This composition shows a row of colorful shops in the famous tourist attraction which is the southern most city in the continental United States and therefore tropical in nature as the colors of the buildings suggest. The first building which is the only double story structure of the lot and is white with red trim is a jewelry store. Next to it is a small convenience store, it is a small brick building and has a lamp post in front of it. The next in line is also brick but is painted a very bright yellow, this business houses the Key Lime Pie Factory and has an almost fluorescent yellow bicycle in the front for decoration. The last building houses a kite shop and this looks like it was built into a home and is white and blue in color. Tall palm trees are all around the kite shop, these bright buildings and very typical for Key West and add to the charm of the city. Picture #264

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