Kentucky Obsolete Money Farmers Bank of KY ten dollars 1860



A Ten Dollar Note from the Bank of Kentucky which will grade crisp uncirculated. This note is dated October 03, 1860 at Frankfort and is signed by the Cashier and President of the Bank, most of these notes are remainders, having never been issued, so I can not say for certain if this bill was issued. It is another of the red tint beauties which was made by the American Bank Note Company on the eve of the Civil War. Mr and Mrs Crittenden are also on this 10 dollar denomination as they are with the five dollar which we also have listed. Hughes categorizes this note as KY - 259 with a rarity scale of R5, which means he thought between 11 to 25 of these bills still exist. The back of this note is very well executed to match the front, it has a solid pattern of small red squares with an x in each box, the name of the bank, two large 10s and a big X are also on the back. The picture shows the actual Ten Dollar Note from the Bank of Kentucky that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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