Kentucky Obsolete Currency Bank of Barboursville Five Dollars 1818


SKU: KY Bank of Barboursville 580

A Five Dollar Banknote from the Bank of Barboursville in Kentucky, issued during the wildcat bank days of the Kentucky frontier on July 20, 1818. The condition is Fine. In the book on Kentucky Obsolete Notes and Scrip by Earl Hughes this note is categorized as KY - 11 and listed with a rarity scale of R7. This means this is among the rarest of all Kentucky currencies with only 1 to 5 notes thought to still exist today. The Bank of Barboursville opened its doors in 1818 and like most of the wildcat banks on the KY frontier it closed shortly thereafter. The picture shows the actual Five Dollar obsolete Banknote from the Bank of Barboursville that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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