Homer, Winslow - Right and Left

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 33 famous artists

An archival premium Quality art print of Right and Left by Winslow Homer for sale by Brandywine General Store. This oil on canvas depicts a pair of common Goldeneye Ducks at the moment they are hit by a hunter's shotgun blast as they attempt to take flight. The painting was completed by Winslow in 1909, less than two years before his death and was his last great painting. He had already suffered a mild stroke, but wrote to his brother Charles "I can paint as well as ever. I think my pictures better for having one eye in the pot and one eye up the chimney". This artwork was received by the Knoedler Gallery in New York City by January 30, 1909, Homer never titled the print but it received its name from a hunter who shouted out "Right and Left" when seeing the art for the first time. This is a hunting term describing the accomplishment of taking down two birds in quick succession with a double barrel shotgun. On August 03, 1909, Randal Morgan bought this painting for 5,000.00, of which 4,000.00 went to Winslow. Famous Artists print #33

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