Georgia Obsolete Currency Rising Fawn Walker Iron Set of 3 Notes


SKU: Rising Fawn GA Change Note Set

A set of Obsolete Fractional currency notes from the Walker Iron and Coal Company from Rising Fawn Georgia, consisting of the nickel, dime and quarter bills. The nickel note has a large eagle and American flag, the dime has a cotton plant and the quarter has the Columbia vignette which is very similar to what is found on United States fractional currency. The nickel note is uncirculated however it has a paper clip rust stain at the left of the eagle, the 10 cent note is uncirculated and the 25 cent note is a nice almost uncirculated example. All three notes have a fancy green back, each has the same design with their corresponding money values in the center. Rising Fawn is a small town in the southern part of Dade County. The picture shows the actual change set of Rising Fawn GA notes that are available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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