Georgia Obsolete Currency Manufacturer's Bank One Dollar banknote


SKU: Serial #1684

A One dollar bank note from Macon Georgia on the Manufacturer's Bank. This bank had unfortunate timing, because it opened its doors in 1857 and of course with the collapse of the south, didn't last very long as it closed sometime during the Civil War. A busy note, there are 4 different vignettes, at the left are slaves picking and carrying cotton in a large basket, also another farm scene. In the center top is a large steamship and on the right is a scene from what looks like an early cotton mill. This obsolete Note was issued on May 01, 1862 from Macon Georgia. The condition is Fine, even for the lower grade this is an extremely nice looking note with a beautiful green overprint. The picture shows the actual One Dollar Manufacturers Bank note that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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