Georgia Obsolete Currency CR-29 Two Dollars Treasury Note


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A Two Dollar Treasury Note from Confederate State of Georgia issued from Milledgeville, during the Civil War on January 1st 1864. This 2.00 note is Georgia Criswell CR-29 which means it is an 1864 issue and has the green Georgia Treasury seal on the front. The center vignette features a steam ship and a sailing ship with a 2 at each end. This particular example of confederate money was signed by T. D. Tinsley for the comptroller general and R. J. McCamy for the treasurer. There were 99,000 of these notes produced, today they are rated as R2 which means it is estimated there are 401 to 500 in existence. We have more than one Georgia obsolete two dollar treasury bill available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included a picture of each note we currently have in stock.

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