Georgia Obsolete Currency CR-06 100.00 Treasury Note 1863



A 100.00 treasury note from the state of Georgia issued from Milledgville during the Civil War on February 1st, 1863 and has the black treasury seal on the back. The state of Georgia originally issued 30,000 of these 100.00 notes for war time use, of course a lot less exist today, especially in the upper choice uncirculated grades. The center displays the state arms within a coiled rattlesnake and on the right is a portrait of Governor Joseph E. Brown. The new Georgia reference has this listed as Type 21, Criswell lists it as #6, which all means that this is the regular type issue for the 100.00 dated 1863, with one Georgia treasury seal on the back, and without any errors. We have more than one Georgia 100.00 Civil War Treasury Note available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included a picture of each banknote that is currently in stock.

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