Georgia Obsolete Currency CR-01 One Hundred Dollars Treasury Note


SKU: GA Treasury 100.00 Serial 4064

A One Hundred Dollar bill from the Georgia treasury as issued from Milledgeville. This note is choice uncirculated, with excellent centering and full frame line all around the confederate money, along with dark treasury seals and crisp printing. According to the new Georgia reference this note is Type 5, which means there are 2 Georgia Treasury seals on the front, it is a 100.00 bill and was issued during the Civil War on January 15th 1862, the old Criswell designation is CR-01. This particular example of Georgia Confederate Money was signed by P. Thweatt as Comptroller General and Jno. Jones as Treasurer. Ceres is in the center holding grain. The picture shows the actual piece of Georgia Treasury Confederate money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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