Fr 2300 Hawaii 1.00 Silver Certificate 1935A Certified

Bureau of Engraving and Printing


A FR #2300 Series of 1935-A one dollar Hawaii emergency World War II issue. This US currency was issued for use in Hawaii after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and we entered into World War II. This US Currency is designated as Friedberg 2300 and is signed by Julian and Morgenthau. The backs of this currency is like the regular US silver certificates of the era, except Hawaii is printed in big block letters. Likewise, the front of the note has Hawaii stamped on each end and a brown treasury seal was used to further differentiate this from regular US issues. At Brandywine General Store we have various of these Hawaii notes available for sale, all certified by PMG, we have just included a generic picture of one of the banknotes we currently have in stock.

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