Florida Jay Fine Art Bird Print by John James Audubon

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An archival premium Quality art Print of the Florida or Scrub Jay by Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artwork features a pair of the Florida Jays flying around a persimmon tree which is full of fruits. The birds are shown in their bright blue plumage with the male swooping under the tree while the female is perched in the tree. This painting was done by John James Audubon for his great ornithology book The Birds of America, the 1st Havell edition. The persimmon tree is full of fruit, which Mr. Audubon says is palatable to the taste. Persimmons must have tasted different in the old days than they do now.

Corvus Floridanus - Mr Audubon describes the Florida Jay thus: The flight of the Florida Jay is generally performed at a short distance from the ground, and consists either of a single sailing sweep, as it shifts from one tree or bush to another, or of continuous flappings, with a slightly undulated motion, in the manner of the Magpie (Pica melanoleuca) or of the Canada Jay (Garrulus canadensis). Its notes are softer than those of its relative the Blue Jay (Garrulus cristatus), and are more frequently uttered. Its motions are also more abrupt and quicker. It is seen passing from one tree to another with expanded tail, stopping for a moment to peep at the intruder, and hopping off to another place the next minute. It frequently descends to the ground, along the edges of oozy or marshy places, to search for snails, of which, together with berries of various kinds, fruits and insects, its food consists. It is easily approached during the breeding season, but is more shy at other times. It is a great destroyer of the eggs of small birds, as well as of young birds, which it chases and kills by repeated blows of its bill on their heads, after which it tears their flesh with avidity...." Audubon bird print #87

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