Dahl, Johan Christian - Hellefossen near Hokksund Art Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 206 famous artists

An archival premium Quality art Print of Hellefossen near Hokksund by J. C. Dahl for sale by Brandywine General Store. The Norwegian artist painted this oil on canvas in 1838 with the original artwork now hanging in a museum in Norway. This scenic, architectural landscape is so crisp and clear that it could almost pass for a photograph. In the foreground of the Hellefossen River are baskets hanging from logs over the churning waters whose purpose is to catch salmon as they jump up the falls. In the background of this scenic landscape a channel has been dug in this powerful water and a sawmill has been built. The water turns the wheel and powers the saws inside this modern looking mill, neat stacks of freshly sawn lumber are in the lumberyard. Other houses and buildings with smoke coming out the flues are seen on the hill above the water. A lone birch tree hangs over the raging river. Famous Artists art print #206

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