Copper Sun Wind Spinner

Artwerx of Australia

SKU: Copper Sun 20 CM

Our Flame Copper Wind Spinner is a sun design that would be perfect in any setting. Pair it with one of our amber Spiral Tails for enhanced visual impact in your garden or in your gazebo. Also a great ornamentation for around the swimming pool, deck or anywhere else inside or out. From our Classic Collection. Imported from overseas, these pieces are made from stainless steel. The Wind Spinners are coated twice with a durable environmental protection paint & a glitter finish.

*20cm in size.

*Stainless steel.

*Available in Coppery/Orange tones.

*Epoxy coating.

*Glitter finish.

*Manufactured in China.

*Suitable for indoors and out.

You will need either a solar or battery powered motor if you want your wind spinner to turn all the time, outside you can use either the natural wind or motor if out of the rain and water. Other accessories include spiral and crystal tails, glass balls and wind chimes. A hook and swivel is included with each wind spinner, you can combine two or more spinners and create an even more dazzling effect.

  • Brandywine General Store, at the time of this listing, is one of only three authorized Artwerx distributors in the United States.
  • Please note that our wind spinners can not be returned after they have been bent to catch the winds and sunshine.


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