Case Knives Harley-Davidson Collection Smooth Bone Trapper Knife

WR Case®

SKU: 52086

The Case Knives Harley Smooth Bone Trapper Knife has jack knife that has two blades of the same size; consisting of a clip master blade and a long spey blade. The clip blade is appreciated for its versatility and use for multi-purpose tasks. The spey blade has a specially curved tip making it a common all purpose utility blade. The style was developed around 1920 and was quickly embraced by fur trappers. The blade configuration made these pocket knives very useful for skinning and many other outdoor chores. Case® has manufactured trapper knives in a myriad of shapes and sizes throughout their many years of production, many collectors focus just on the Trapper knife due to the large number available. Brandywine General Store is an authorized Case Knives dealer.

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