Blakeley Park Last Battle of the Civil War art Print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of Blakeley Park, the Last Battle of the Civil War for sale by Brandywine General Store. Our print of this scene in the Park is finished in an eerie infrared finish which is fitting for the subject. Hours after Lee surrendered to Grant in far away Appomattox, VA the Battle of Blakeley was fought. With the poor communication of the era, neither side yet knew the Civil War was over and the Battle was fought with the North winning this round for good measure. Fort Blakeley was established to add protection to the city of Mobil which was located across the bay. Of course, even historians don't know the exact last Battle of the Rebellion, again due to the poor communications and the far reaches of the war, but Blakeley is among the 3 or 4 contenders for the bragging rights. Picture #44 a Civil War art print made from a photograph in the Highsmith collection


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