Bierstadt, Albert - Bighorn Sheep Fine Art Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 23 country decor

An archival premium quality art print of Bighorn Sheep by Albert Bierstadt, also known as Big Horn, Orvis Montana, which he painted in the year 1884, for sale at Brandywine General Store. In this painting Bierstadt fills the scene with resplendent light and majestic scenery proving his understanding of powerful imagery and wildlife associated with the American Wild West. He dramatically represents a magnificent big horn sheep with several others behind him in the background. The sheep's elevated stature and stance are enhanced by the low vantage point which also emphasizes the dramatic terrain. As snow softly falls from the dark clouds, the rays of sun breaking through the clouds rake across the sheep's fur and dramatically hits the snow covered landscape. The original size of this canvas is 48 by 38 inches and was last sold on May 18, 2011 by Christies for 542,500.00. Country Decor art print #23

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