Battle of Chattanooga Civil War art Print

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A Museum Quality Print of The Battle of Chattanooga by Kurz and Allison from 1888 for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artwork depicts the war scene of General Thomas' charge near Orchard Knob. General Ulysses S. Grant took charge of the Western Union Army in October of 1863. One of his first tasks after gaining control of the troops was to lift the Confederate siege of Chattanooga Tennessee which had been in place since the Battle of Chickamauga in September. Grant opened the Cracker Line to bring much needed supplies to the beleaguered Army of the Cumberland which was inside the city. In mid November Grant also brought William T. Sherman's Army of the Tennessee into the City as well. On November 23, the reinforced Union Troops began to fight their way out of the city, overrunning Orchard Knob and gaining a foothold for continued attacks against the Confederate forces. On November 24, Grant launched an attack on Lookout Mountain and captured it within six hours of fighting. The following day, Grant ordered Sherman to attack Tunnel Hill, Sherman's attack was a failure, but a 2nd attack by General George H. Thomas succeeded in completely breaking the center of the Confederate Line. This 3rd victory in as many days compelled a Confederate withdrawal and opened up the deep South for a Union Invasion. Sherman himself used the city as a supply point for his destructive march southward the next year. In this, which was the 2nd Battle of Chattanooga, the Union forces had 753 soldiers killed while the Confederates, under General Braxton Bragg, lost 361 men. However the Confederate Soldiers had many more soldiers injured and captured by a margin of around 6,000 to the Union's 5,000. Civil War art print #20


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