Alabama Obsolete Currency CR-13 Fifty Dollar Treasury Bill



A Fifty Dollar Treasury Note from the State of Alabama issued from Montgomery towards the end of the Civil War on January 01, 1864 and grades choice almost uncirculated. This bill would be a gem if not for a broad center fold. The inks and overprints are excellent and the centering is almost perfect. As an added attraction, this Confederate Currency also has a low serial number of 471. The center vignette is a portrait of Governor Watts surrounded by a wharf scene, a Confederate Flag and a military camp with cannon, tents and etc. At the left is an Indian brave with bow and arrow and a feather headdress. The right shows a map of Alabama underneath a tree. The designation of this Alabama treasury note is Criswell #13 with a rarity of R5. Kennan and Co were the engravers and lithographers were JT Patterson and Co of Augusta. The pictures show the actual front and back of the 50.00 Alabama treasury note that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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