Advertising Note from John A Sullivan Liquor Store in Boston MA


SKU: Boston Ad Note Sullivan Liquor Store

A nice advertising note from John A Sullivan and Co, who had the West End's biggest liquor store in Boston Massachusetts located at the corner of Charles and Cambridge Streets. This piece was made before prohibition because one of Mr. Sullivan's advertised liquors on this money was Duffy's Malt and it never reappeared after prohibition ended. Some of the advertised liquors were Old Reserve which sold 1.25 a quart or 4.50 a gallon, Millers Game Cock which sold for 1.00 and 3.50, Gibsons XXXX which sold for 1.00 and 3.50, Paul Jones 1.00 and 3.50 and plain bourbon was only 50 cents a quart or 2.00 a gallon, several more are also listed. All good were to be delivered express free. A great advertising piece for the collectors of brewerianna or barware of any type. This ad note is on a facsimile type 68 confederate money and will grade very fine. The pictures show the actual facsimile confederate money ad note from Boston Massachusetts that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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