2006 Mississippi Kevin Harvick Nascar License Plate


SKU: 2006 MS Harvick Nascar 605

A 2006 Mississippi Nascar Passenger Car License featuring #29 Kevin Harvick, the MS DMV only issued a single tag for the back of the motorist's cars during '06. This automobile tag is yellow, gray, red and black in color. On the left panel is 29, Kevin Harvick and the DMV expiration sticker. At the right side is N 29 and the yearly expiration sticker 06, in the center is the state name and at the bottom is the NASCAR logo. The department of motor vehicles registration number is 605 and the grade is Excellent Minus. Kevin Harvick started Nascar as a replacement driver for Dale Earnhardt Sr after he was killed in a crash but with the #29 and not #3. The picture shows the actual 2006 Mississippi Kevin Harvick license plate that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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