2005 Mississippi Dale Earnhardt Nascar License Plate


SKU: 2005 MS Earnhardt Nascar 4783

A 2005 Mississippi Nascar Passenger Car License featuring Dale Earnhardt, the MS DMV only issued a single tag for the back of the motorist's cars during '05. This automobile tag is yellow, gray, red and black in color. On the left panel is 3, Dale Earnhardt and the DMV expiration sticker. At the right side is N3 and the year stickers 04 and 05, in the center is the state name and at the bottom is the NASCAR logo. The department of motor vehicles registration number is 4783 and the grade is Excellent Minus. Dale Earnhardt is perhaps the most famous of all the Nascar racers who was tragically killed in a wreck on the track. The picture shows the actual 2005 Mississippi Dale Earnhardt license plate that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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