2004 Birth Year Coin Set

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SKU: 2004 Coin Set

A 2004 Birth Year coin set which includes the Kennedy Half Dollar, Washington Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel and Lincoln Cent. These sets will be in uncirculated condition. In 2004 the US Mint began a 2 year run of the Westward Journey nickels which commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase and the journey of Lewis and Clark to explore this vast wilderness. During the first year the same obverse of President Jefferson was used with two new reverses. The first was the Peace Medal design, which incorporated designs of actual medals the expedition carried with them to trade with the Indians. The 2nd design was the keelboat shows the boat that transported the Lewis and Clark expedition through the various rivers of the Louisiana Territory. This 55 foot long boat could be sailed, rowed, poled like a raft or towed along from the river banks. This 2004 US coin set makes an excellent gift for birthdays or any other occasion and will use various of the nickel designs.

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