2000 Virginia Bass Wildlife License Plate


SKU: 2000 VA Bass 4782BA

A 2000 Virginia Bass Passenger Car License Plate from the Wildlife Conservationist series of tags, at the left is a bass jumping in the air as if after a bug. At the top are the monthly and yearly DMV expiration stickers and at the bottom is printed Wildlife Conservationist. The Department of Motor Vehicles registration number is 4782BA, the condition is excellent plus. There might be the slightest sign of a rub at the bolt hole, but if this license plate was on a car it was only for a very short time. The VA DMV issued pairs of license plates during the year 2000, but this sale is only for 1 tag. The picture shows the actual highly collectible 2000 Virginia Bass License Plate that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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