1972 Alabama License Plate


SKU: 1972AL_80-10165

A NOS 1972 Alabama Passenger Automobile License Plate it has never been used and will grade excellent. This 72 AL Automobile Tag is teal with black letters, Heart of Dixie is printed across the top, Alabama is printed along the bottom, 72 is printed in the bottom right corner, a heart is in the bottom left corner. The Department of Motor Vehicles registration number is 80-10165. If you wish to use this tag for Year of Manufacture or YOM registration on your classic 1972 Ford Galaxy, Pontiac GTO or any other muscle car from this model year you will need to contact the Alabama DMV to see if this tag will qualify for YOM registration. The picture shows the actual 1972 Alabama License Plate that is for sale. The AL DMV only issued single tags during the year of 1972.

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