1968 Kentucky License Plate


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A 1968 Kentucky Car License Plate grading NOS Excellent, the color of these classic KY DMV auto tags is white with navy blue lettering, and has 19 KENTUCKY 68 written across the top with the DMV registration number below. The Kentucky DMV only issued single passenger car tags in 1968. This tag will most likely have a small blue smudge of paint on them as they were made by the KY Department of Motor Vehicles. We have more than one of these 1968 Kentucky vehicle tags available for sale at Brandywine General Store, so you might receive a different one than in the picture, but all will be the same NOS Excellent condition.

Some car news for the 1968 model year of manufacture is as follows: The Honda N series of cars tops the Japanese sales charts during 1968, Chevrolet redesigns the Nova and puts in a new 396 V8 engine, Ford Mustang also get a new engine, the 428cc, Plymouth introduces the Road Runner, an all new budget muscle car with the 426 Hemi as an option, the Pontiac GTO is restyled with sleek hidden headlights. General Motors opens its new 50 story building in New York City. This was the second year of production of the very popular Chevy Camaro.

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