1967 District of Columbia License Plates

Washington DC

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A pair of classic 1967 District of Columbia passenger car license plates with a nice low 3 digit DMV number of 484. The color of these '67 DC DMV auto tags is white with black letters, Washington DC are both at the top, while printed across the bottom is Nation's Capital 3 - 31 - 67. If these tags were ever used they traveled the city streets of Washington DC for only a very short period of time. The condition is excellent minus and the plates come with their original wrapper, but it is a generic wrapper, I am assuming it is original to the plates. The envelope states "These license plates may not be displayed before March 1st BUT must be on the vehicle by midnight March 31st" and on the other side "D.C. Income tax returns are due by April 15." The picture shows the actual pair of 1967 Washington DC car license plates that are available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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