1966 New York Motorcycle License Plate

New York

SKU: 1966 NY MC 42

A very scarce two digit DMV number 1966 New York Motorcycle license plate that will grade near mint. This bike tag is an amazing find, not only is it the low two digit DMV number of 42, it has a dark blue gloss to the paint and a mirror like finish. There is a small finger print in the bottom border, that was made when the paint was wet, but that is about the only flaw that is visible. The color of this tag is dark blue with orange lettering, at the top is the full state name of New York and the sticker with the date of 66, which is about as fine as the plate itself. These will look great on your classic 1966 Harley Davidson motorcycle or any other antique bike from that year. However, before using for year of manufacture purposes, please check first with the New York department of motor vehicles to see if they allow the use of license plates for YOM purposes on antique motorcycles and if they do does this tag qualify. New York does not use a county coding system, so there was only one Number 42 tag for the entire state, with the huge population of New York, this is an extremely scarce bike tag. This tag would also be right at home in any finer NY license plate collection. The picture shows the actual antique 1966 New York motorcycle license plate that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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