1966 Massachusetts Motorcycle License Plates Pair


SKU: 1966 MA MC EXC- Pair

An antique NOS pair of 1966 Massachusetts motorcycle license plates which will grade excellent minus, with just some slight rust around an edge or two. It is hard to still find these in pairs today. The color of these classic 66 MA bike tags is dark green with white letters and Mass and 1966 are both located at the bottom. The DMV registration number is 35587. These 66 MA cycle tags would look great on your classic motorcycle. However, before purchasing for year of manufacture purposes, please check first with the Massachusetts department of motor vehicles to see if they allow the use of license plates for year of manufacture registration and if they do, will this tag qualify for their YOM program. The picture shows the actual 1966 Massachusetts Motorcycle License Plate Pair that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

Some motorcycle news for the 1966 year of manufacture model is as follows:

This is the second year for the Honda CB Super Sport, which was their first big fast production motorcycle with a DOHC engine. Harley Davidson updated the old Panhead motor to give it more power, the new engine had rocker boxes that resembled coal shovels, hence the nickname, Shovelhead. This motor remains in production for around 20 years. Harley produced 36,310 motorcycles during the model year of 1966. Yamaha introduces the YDS-3, which is the first Yamaha streetbike to really take off in the United States. KTM manufactures their 10,000th Comet.

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