1963 WV License Plate with DAV tags and Wrapper

West Virginia

SKU: 1963 WV 29-300

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A 1963 West Virginia automobile license plate celebrating the Centennial of the Mountain State. This 63 car tag has the original pair of DAV tags with the correct DMV registration number. To make things even better, the original wrapper is also included which tells us West Virginia is your state, keep it clean! Keep it Green!. The condition of this 1963 WV automobile tag is excellent minus, there is a spot of tape wear beside the 3 that isn't visible in the picture. This plate traveled the country roads of WV but not for long. There aren't many complete sets such as this one left in the state with the license plate, DAV tags and wrapper. Buy this for your restored 1963 model car and you will surely impress people with the great condition license plate and a DAV tag on your key chain. The picture shows the actual 1963 license plate, the pair of DAV tags and the wrapper that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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