1954 West Virginia License Plate

West Virginia

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A classic 1954 West Virginia passenger car license plate, the color of this '54 WV DMV automobile tag is black with yellow letters at the bottom is W. VA. Exp 6-30-54. This is the first 1954 license plate issued by West Virginia in the model year of '54, the 2nd one was yellow with black and lasted thru the year 1955. Two types of plates were manufactured in 1954 because the state changed their registration system, consequently no 1955 license plates were produced. We have more than one 1954 West Virginia car license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included a picture of each that we currently have in our inventory.

Some Fun Car Facts from the 1954 Year of Manufacture:

In 1954 Volkswagon is the World's 4th biggest automobile manufacturer, behind only the Big 3 of Detroit, the Mercedes 300 SL introduces fuel injection, Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan enters the car business with the Subaru 1500, Packard merges with Studebaker. Nash Kelvinator and Hudson merge to form the America Motors Corporation, AMC is the only US car manufacturer to focus on small cars with the Rambler line, Ford introduced the Thunderbird, the T Bird emphasized comfort and convenience over sportiness. With it's high performance, stylish design and distinctive port hole windows, this car becomes an American classic. Ford begins crash testing it's vehicles.

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