1945 Ohio License Plate Low DMV #5


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A very scarce 1945 Ohio License Plate for a passenger automobile having a one digit Department of Motor Vehicle Registration Number of 5.  The condition of this license plate isn't great, it will only grade Good Plus, but it is a good heavy solid plate with only surface rust. This tag could look almost like new if you wanted to restore it. The color is an off white that is almost like a gray and the letters are black, at the bottom is Ohio and the date 1945. This is also a shortie plate, before the Federal Government mandated a standard license plate size, states would make the tags shorter if they had a low DMV number, they thought that there wasn't any use to waste metal when it wasn't needed. Also adding to the appeal of this plate is it was manufactured during World War II, when metals were scarce and most states just issued stickers or metal tabs to extend the years on the plate. The Ohio DMV only issued single tags during this year, due to the shortage of metal from the War. The picture shows the actual antique 1945 Ohio License Plate that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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