1945 Mississippi Truck License Plate


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A 1945 Mississippi Truck License Plate, this '45 WWII DMV truck tag reused old license plates that were left over from before the War. It has 1 ton, Exp 10-31-45 all at the top. Used in the center as the divider between the DMV Registration number is MISS printed vertically. This 1945 plate is re-stamped over a previous license plate, probably from 1942, because of the severe metal shortage of the War years. The MS Department of Motor Vehicles only issued a single tag for the state's motorists to use on the back of their vehicles during '45. We have more than one re-stamped 1945 Mississippi Truck License Plate available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included a picture of each one we currently have in stock.

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