1943 Kansas License Plates


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A pair of 1943 Kansas passenger car License Plates for sale at Brandywine General Store. These are 1942 base plates with the sunflower decals  and the 43 metal WWII tab. The rear plate will grade very good or better, but the front plate is in worse condition. These Kansas license plates are rare to find them yet in pairs and with the sunflower decals. The decal is worn off some on the front plate, but on the back tag, the sunflower decals are still evident and in good condition. In 1943, because of World War II and the huge shortage of metal, a small metal tag was sent out to add to the 1942 plates to extend their life another year, this set even has that tag still attached. The color of these passenger automobile plates is green with white lettering, KANSAS and the date 42 and the metal tag of 43 are at the bottom along with the 2 sunflower decals. The DMV Registration number of this set is 14-4370.  The picture shows the actual antique pair of 1943 Kansas license plates that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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