1936 Massachusetts License Plates


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An antique pair of 1936 Massachusetts car license plates, the color of these 36 MA DMV passenger automobile tags is maroon with white letters, Mass 36 is at the top. We have several different pairs of these classic 38 MA plates for sale at Brandywine General Store but we have included a picture of each set currently in our inventory.

Some Fun Car Facts for the 1936 Year of Manufacture

Some of the new cars introduced during 1936 included the Lincoln Zephyr, Mercedes Benz 260 D, Peugeot 302, Rolls Royce Phantom III, Cadillac Series 60 and 70 and the Buick Century. Willys lowers the prices of their Coupe to 395.00 and their 4 door sedan to 415.00. The overall auto industry produced 4.4 million passenger cars and trucks during 1936, a huge improvement of the 2.3 million in the 1932 model year. This was still way under the 5.4 million units in 1929 before the great Depression hit the United States, this figure wouldn't be seen again until 1949. Ford sold the most automobiles in 1936 with 931,000 vehicles followed by Chevrolet with 918,000 and Plymouth 520,000. This trio was known as the Low Priced Three. Reo, the Lansing Michigan automaker ended production of passenger cars but still built trucks through 1975. Dodge Sedans prices start at 640.00 with new headlights making the car safer to drive at night, this car also comes with improved spring suspension and steering. All Dodge cars now come equipped with windshield defroster vents.

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