1933 Mississippi License Plate


SKU: 1933 MS DMV 59662

A 1933 Mississippi Car License Plate unused and grading excellent minus and the date strip grades very good minus, however where most of the paint is missing it will be hidden when the strip is in the license plate. These 33 MS Automobile Tags are dark green with white letters, Miss. is printed across the top, these plates also have the anti theft locking device. Instructions for Installing, place bolts in slots in tag, then insert strip in left hand end of channel, stopping as soon as the round hole appears over the first bolt head, now fasten tag to license bracket by screwing bolts up securely, being sure lug on nut fits into slot in bracket, then push strip in until figures show plainly. These plates also come with their original wrapper. If you wish to use these tags for Year of Manufacture registration on your antique 1933 Ford or any other antique car from this model year you will need to contact the Mississippi Department of Motor Vehicles to see if they allow the use of license plates for YOM registration. We have included pictures of each of these antique 1933 MS passenger automobile tags that we have available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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