1929 Massachusetts License Plates


SKU: 527-712

An antique pair of 1929 Massachusetts car license plates, the color of these 29 MA DMV passenger automobile tags is blue with white letters, Mass 1929 is at the bottom. The Department of Motor Vehicles registration number will vary as we have more than one set of 1929 MA car license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store. We have included a picture of each pair of the 1929 vehicle tags currently in our inventory. A good large pair of heavy steel Massachusetts early license plates, getting harder and harder to find these earlier MA tags in pairs.

Some Fun Car Facts for 1929:

Car companies were already seeing a slowdown, even though production hit an all time high this year with 4,445,178 cars being produced along with 881,909 trucks, these totals will not be seen again for another 20 years. The millionth Ford Model A is built at the beginning of the year with the 2nd millionth one being produced in July. Ford's production and market share doubles to 32% of the US Market, with Chevrolet being 2nd and Hudson Essex coming in a distant third. Luxury car makers control 5% of the US market. Foot controlled dimmer switches appear along with dual tail lights and front wheel drive. New car models in 1929 include the Blackhawk, Cord, Fargo, Marquette, Roosevelt, Ruxton, Viking and Windsor. The Locomobile Car Company goes bankrupt, this was once the largest US car maker.

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