1920 Nebraska License Plate


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An antique 1920 Nebraska License Plate, this NE DMV car tag is the 1919 base plate with the addition of the large 1920 tab. The left slot at the top is broken through, but other than that this license plate is in a very nice condition. The DMV only issued a single tag to the state's motorists in the year of 1920 and the condition is very good. The color is olive green with black letters with the large NEB 1920 tab, which covers the entire right side. I think Nebraska has a year of manufacture or YOM law, so this plate could be used on either a 1919 or 1920 antique car, but check with the department of motor vehicles before purchasing for this purpose to make sure this qualifies for yom use. The picture shows the actual 1920 Nebraska License Plate that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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