1918 New Hampshire License Plate

New Hampshire

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An antique pair of 1918 New Hampshire porcelain passenger car license plates, this was the last year the NH DMV made their tags out of porcelain. The color of this classic set of plates is green with white letters, NH is at the top and 1918 at the bottom. The Department of Motor Vehicles registration number is 17925 with the condition being very good plus. For being manufactured during the last year of World War I almost 100 years ago, these plates are exceptional. The picture shows the actual pair of antique 1918 New Hampshire car license plates that are available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

Some Interesting Car Facts from the Model year of 1918

The 1918 Ford lineup includes the Model T Touring Car with a base price of 360.00, the Runabout for 345.00. Rounding out the lineup are the Sedan, Couple Town Car and Delivery Car. The 1918 Buick touring car was available as either a five or seven passenger vehicle and powered by an inline 4 or 6 cylinder engine. The Tulsa Automobile company produced their first cars in 1918, this company was formed to produce a vehicle that could be used in the oil fields. They had 3 models in '18 which were the Roadster, Touring Car and an Oil Field Special. Nash wins an Army contract for 11,500 trucks, making it the largest truck producer in the United States.

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