Potpourri 4 Cup Bag made by The Old Candle Barn in Lancaster County

Old Candle Barn

SKU: OCB sm Potpourri Red Macintosh

A four cup bag of scented potpourri made only with high quality botanicals at The Old Candle Barn in Lancaster County, the center of Amish Country and sold by Brandywine General store. Place this smaller bag of potpourri in a bowl or container of any kind and put in a corner or small room where you need some color and a nice aroma. Another plus to this potpourri is it looks as good as it smells. The scent is long lasting, but when the smell does finally get weak, you don't need to throw the potpourri away, just add a few drops of our refresher oils and that will get the aroma going again. You can pick which scent you wish to purchase at Brandywine General Store from the drop down box above.

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