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Case® Knives are handmade in the United States, with no production going overseas.Each knife goes through the hands of 125 different people in its manufacture, ensuring top quality of each and every knife. With all the different choices of handles and blades, the opportunities are endless for a nice collection. So find what you like and enjoy collecting.
View all 440 Abalone Accessory Aluminum Amber American Antique Autumn Baby Back Backpocket Bail Ballistix Barnwood Bells Bermuda black Blackhorn Blade Blue Bluegrass Bone Bose Botanical Photographs Bottle Bowie Brow brown Brute Buffalo Burnt Buster Butterbean Caliber Camo Canoe Canyon Cap Caramel Carhartt Caribbean Carved case Cayenne Cheetah Chestnut Christmas Clip Cloth Congress Copperhead Copperlock Cream Curly CV Dark Deep Deere Derlin Desk Dinero Double Drop Dyed Earth Executive Exo Exotic Eye EZ Father's Day Finn Firefighter Fishing Fixed Folding Ford G-10 Gent Gingerale Gold Goldenrod Gray Green Grey Gut Half Halloween Hammerhead Harley Harvest Hawkbill Hobo Holiday Hone Honey Hook Horn Hunt Hunter Ichthus Image Inceptra Jack Jasper JD Jigged Job John Jone Jr Junior Kaleidoscope Kentucky Key-chain Kirinite Kit Kitchen Knife knives Lagoon Large Lava Leather Lightweight Limited Lion Lions lock Lockback Mako Maple Mason Mediterranean medium Micarta Mid Min Mini Molasses Moon Moose Muskrat Musrat My First Case Natural Oatmeal Old Olive Orange Paring Patriot Paw Peach peanut Pearl pen Persimmon Pink Pocket Pocket Worn Point Polishing Presentation Prints from Photographs Prints of Blooming Flowers Pruner Raspberry Red Rough Russlock Saddlehorn Salmon Sawcut Seahorse Seed Series Serrated Sharpening Sheath Silver Slicer Slimline Small Smooth Sod sod buster Sowbelly Sparkle Sparxx Special stag Stainless Steel stockman Sway Sway Back Sycamore synthetic Tear Tear Drop Teardrop Tec X Texas Tin tiny Titanium Tomato Toothpick Trapper Tree Utility Vietnam Walnut War Watermelon Wharncliffe Whiskey White Whittler Wood Workman Worn Wreath X-Alt X-Pro yellow

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